“At Riversdale Farm we specialise in foaling down mares, reproduction and yearling preparation, our focus is on providing the best possible care for every horse”

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About us

The Hodges family has been serving the thoroughbred industry for over 35 years.

Riversdale Farm is situated 3 kms North of Scone on the New England Highway in the Hunter Valley of NSW. Scone is the heart of 'Australia's Thoroughbred Horse Capital'.

The property consists of 300 acres of irrigation flats, where breeding operations such as foaling mares, walking mares on to stallions, weaning, yearling and sales preparation, plus routine veterinary examinations, take place. Nick Hodges manages Riversdale Farm and resides there with his wife Jasmine and their three sons Oliver, Lincoln & Edward. Peter and Alison Hodges reside at a secondary property, Glenoak, consisting of 250 acres of picturesque hill country and creek flats located about 15 minutes north of Riversdale Farm. The crystal clear waters of Middlebrook Creek that flows through the Glenoak property is fed through the Washpools from the nearby Liverpool Ranges. They presently look after stock that does not require routine veterinary examination, such as pregnant and dry mares, and have development plans that include the care of younger horses.

Recently Peter and Alison Hodges have purchased the neighbouring property ‘Riversdale North’ consisting of 116 acres, excellent horse pastures, stable complex and improvements.

Foaling paddocks at Riversdale

Horses taking a ‘swim’ at Glenoak

Riversdale North

The Hodges family; Nick, Jasmine, Oliver, Lincoln & Edward